Monday, January 15, 2007

Alley Oop! and some other things

Some months ago, having read The Neandertal Enigma, I spent far too much time musing about prehistoric behavior. As I think I mentioned, the general view at time of the book's publication was that Neandertals and Modern humans (what they used to call Cro-Magnons, back when,) despite 10,000 years or so of living pretty much side-by-side and being members of the same species, apparently did not interbreed. Well, let's qualify that: either they did not interbreed or the Neandertal DNA was lost somewhere along the family tree.

This Reuters story reports on a recently-discovered skull in Romania that seems to exhibit both Modern and Neandertal traits. Notwithstanding the ads covering some of the text that I couldn't figure out how to get around despite my modern cranium, it was an informative story. Check it out, if paleo is your cup of tea.

(I always thought Ooola looked awfully patrician to be
hanging around with a Neandertal like Alley.
I guess gals dug the caveman type back then, too.)
I'm adding a note to the Magic Flute review below.
Desmond, if you drop by and read this: I noted a news item suggesting there were some rough protests going on in your corner of the globe--I hope you're all right.
Finished & sent cap for bro; still plodding along on D's vest. It's just as well it's been a mild winter down here, because I've got my sights set on next winter as a deadline for this one. Actually, it's not just as well about the mild weather; the mild weather means I'll be trapping mice out of my kitchen all summer. I normally use live traps, but if things get out of hand I may have to get nasty.

One would think I'd have learned my lesson about multiple handicraft projects at once, but I couldn't resist when I found Bernat Matrix, a very pretty knittable nylon/poly braid, at $1 a ball. So naturally I had to start on a shawl for myself. I'm finding the medium is troublesome to handle, and has an irritating tendency to slip off the spool when not constrained. As a result, I am now working out a tangle that is something to behold. This one is going to require a whooole lotta prayer just to keep me from using some Neandertal words.

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Blogger Darwin said...

the mild weather means I'll be trapping mice out of my kitchen all summer. I normally use live traps, but if things get out of hand I may have to get nasty.
You could always go with the strictly natural approach to mouse trapping and get a particularly fast cat (plus not feed it too much).

This not only helps with the mice, but provides wonderful breakfast time entertainment when kitty decides to play with his food while the family is at table...

1:02 PM  
Blogger CMinor said...

Fun! Friends of ours had a cat who used to "filet" gophers on their porch. With my luck, any cat we got would make friends with the mice.

Actually one of our dogs is a pretty efficient mouse killer (in addition to being quick and painless,) when she can catch 'em. Unfortunately, she's too slow to make a career of it and doesn't lurk at mouseholes.

6:39 AM  
Anonymous desmond said...

Of course I always drop by here and read everything the minor premise are playing!

A first I didn't get what you mean about the protest going on here since all kinds of protest never stops on this part of the globe but I beleive it's the internet distruption because of the strong earthquakes that hit Taiwan last December? But yeah, you can't send emails or customize and update your blog or site if you are only using pre-paid internet cards or slow broadbands connections.

It appeared to me Cminor that you are a full time grade school teacher? I used to be a pre-school and grade school art instructor but I have to leave(with a heavy heart)teaching to find a more lucrative job in the corporate world in able to survive.

Speaking of Magic Flute, today is the 251st b-day of Amade!

5:05 PM  
Blogger CMinor said...

Hi, Desmond,
Glad to hear from you. Actually I had heard mention of some protests around Manila getting kind of wild, but didn't get many details. Glad to see you're back online.

I guess you could call me a full-time teacher--I've been a homeschooling mom for over a dozen years. I've also taught religious education, led Scouts, and done some other educational things. But no, I don't have the certification and don't teach professionally. The thought has crossed my mind, but I'm not sure the education establishment could stand me!

9:00 PM  

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