Saturday, September 02, 2006

Meme of Five

I took a few days off from posting, just because I needed a break. Besides, school takes priority over my scribblings, and we've had a lot to do lately. I'll try to write something next week.
I did do some reading, and found a couple more good blogs courtesy of Boeciana. These were her own Living Scotland and
Laodicea, and Geoffrey Chaucer Hath a Blog. The two former cover Catholicism and life issues from a Scottish perspective; the latter should be great fun if you're medievally inclined--all posts done in Middle English! Some of them are quite long (the latest, Serpentes on a Shippe, runs to five chapters,) so I will have to get D to show me how to read them offline again. (Cautionary note: If Middle English is not your bag, be very, very careful when purchasing T-shirts from this blog. Some of them will leave you red-faced should you wear them in the presence of English Lit majors or Creative Anachronists. All ME cognates are not what they seem!)

We were (collectively, we presume) tagged for the five-people-in-five-categories meme by the Ironic Catholic.
I'm submitting my answers below; D's on his own for his answers. The question is:

Which five _____ would you want to meet to hold a deep conversation? (people may be living or dead.)
I don't like that sentence; it throws off my grammatical Feng Shui. Let's try it again:
With which five _____ would you want to meet to hold a deep conversation?
Much better!

*Teresa of Avila (One of three female Doctors of the Church--and a woman with a reputation for a wicked wit, too!)
*Catherine of Siena ( Another female Doctor, who brought the church through the Avignon papacy.)
*Edith Stein (Jewish-born atheist philosopher-turned Catholic theologian-turned nun and Holocaust martyr. What a resume!)
*Francis of Assisi (Patron of ecology, preacher to the birds and beasts. Should be great to listen to when inspiration is sorely needed.)
*St. Thomas More (Advocate for female education, philosopher; had the guts to stand up to Henry VIII. Probably one humdinger of a conversationalist.)

Those in the Process of Being Canonized:
*The Georgia Martyrs (Died defending the sanctity of marriage.)
*Bl. Damien de Veuster of Molokai (Needs no intro.)
*Fray Junipero Serra (He's been attacked so much lately for happening to be part of the Spanish conquistador establishment, I'd like to get his take on things.)
*Bl. Kateri Tekakwitha (Even though she's not official yet, there seem to be more and more young girls bearing her name. Besides, a pre-colonial Mohawk Indian would probably have some stories to tell!)
*Ven. Bede (Could probably give a top-notch history lecture!)

Heroes From Your Native Country:
*Thomas Jefferson (Not known for being much of a conversationalist, but perhaps if you got him started on his museum specimens, books, music, architecture, or agriculture...)
*Ironic already used one of these, but John and Abigail Adams. Together over tea, perhaps.
*Benjamin Banneker (Largely self-taught engineer and surveyor who completed Washington, D. C. Once made himself a working clock with all parts of wood. Was also the grandson of an interracial marriage at a time when those were technically illegal, and likely had to overcome a good deal of racism in his life.)
*Ida B. Wells (Gutsy muckraking black lady journalist and newspaper editor who exposed lynching and other abuses in the Jim Crow South.)
*Sequoiah (Devised the Cherokee alphabet and written language.)

*J. R. R. Tolkein
*C. S. Lewis (Could I just sit in with a full meeting of the Inklings at the Eagle and Child, perhaps with a pint of Guinness?)
* G. K. Chesterton (Reputed to be very witty as well as a brilliant Christian apologist.)
*Jane Austen (Well, that could end up being a gossip-fest, and get us both extra time in Purgatory.)
*Mary Wollstonecraft (18th-century feminist, author of A Vindication of the Rights of Women. Personal life unfortunately a bit messy. Mother of Mary Godwin Shelley, although she died before Shelley could have any memory of her. Hence that abandonment theme in Frankenstein.)

*Roy Chapman Andrews (Swashbuckling naturalist/ paleontologist of the 1920's and '30's-- an Indiana Jones type. Probably had an ego the size of the Gobi Desert, but I really enjoyed his book when I was a kid.)
*Laura Bush (I'm guessing she could use a good mocha latte and conversation right about now.)
*Danica Patrick (And I promise not to ask her how long she's been a woman race car driver.)
*Jim Caveziel (Just how does a devout Catholic survive Hollywood?)
*Reese Witherspoon (She seems almost normal, for a denizen of the 'Wood. Besides, I hear she's a Virginian. Real, not Northern. Just kidding, Dear.)

I'm not sure who to tag, and I don't think D has any ideas either, so I'll just tag (for both of us) anyone who reads this post and feels like participating in the meme.



Blogger The Ironic Catholic said...

Very interesting, folks--

but I hate to burst your bubble on one piece. Reese Witherspoon is from outside of Nashville.

7:26 PM  
Blogger CMinor said...

Funny, I thought she'd lived in the vicinity of Richmond at some time. What the heck, she still seems more sensible than your average starlet.

8:47 PM  
Blogger CMinor said...

I stand corrected--Wikipedia says she was born in New Orleans & lived mostly 'round Nashville except for several years in Wiesbaden, Germany. Which begs the question--who the heck was it I read about who was from central Virginia??

7:36 AM  
Blogger Boeciana said...

Ta for the links!

12:36 PM  

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