Monday, September 04, 2006

Fidel and Wake Watch

Don't panic (or cheer,) it's not his wake.
The Spanish side of Granma Online has a report on Chavez' latest visit with Fidel; there's not much else on him, as has been the case since his illness was announced, except the minimum necessary to remind us all he's getting better. I usually check both the Spanish and English pages when I go to Granma; it looks like the English side updates a little behind the Spanish, so maybe the story will be on the English side tomorrow. I caught a brief on the radio (must have been yesterday morning) about it so I'm sure the story's going around the U. S. news services.

I won't be holding my breath for his return to power; though I still wouldn't bet the ranch on anything. D doesn't figure on Raul giving up the reins at this point and it doesn't look like Fidel's gonna be in any shape to argue about it any time soon.

Supertyphoon Ioke has scored a direct hit on Wake Island, a Pacific atoll of strategic importance during WWII (and fought over extensively by Japanese and American forces,) August 30th. The only inhabitants of the island--188 Air Force Personnel and contractors--were evacuated ahead of the storm's arrival. VOA News has reported on this, as has the Hawaii Star Bulletin. The LA Times reports that weather sensors on the island were knocked out by the storm (not that much was expected to be left standing anyway) so I guess the reports will be coming in drips and drabs for a while. I plan to follow this story a while, and see what happens. The last time the island was evacuated about 30 years ago, no one was allowed back for three months.

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Blogger Rambling Speech said...

Great, now I want to go visit Wake Island. Maybe they'll open it up some time??? Something about secret or isolated military bases makes me very curious. Call it the Area 51 factor if you will!

5:00 PM  
Blogger CMinor said...

Don't pack your bags--I suspect the Grand Hotel won't be ready to receive tourists for a while! (Though I must admit the lagoon looked awfully pretty in the satellite picture!)

5:25 PM  

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