Thursday, June 29, 2006

Small Beer Chronicle, and a Quiz

Harvest: Eggplants, cayennes, cucumbers, tomatoes. The occasional radish. Green peppers on plants; waiting for them to change color. A gardening friend suggests I try pickling cukes next year. Picked small, mine are edible but I've been pickling most of them. Might make some raita tomorrow; I've been pestering D to try a curry with the eggplants. Big Boy tomatoes wilting rapidly.
Top uses for tomatoes:
1. salad
2. salsa
3. marinara sauce
4. cooked south asian style with something else
5. fried green
6. pickled green
7. gazpacho
8. give away to neighbors
9. give away to anyone else who will take them off your hands
10. sneak into artsy downtown pub on Open Mike night

Environment: Adult and fledgling brown thrasher flew out of front hedge in front of me yesterday evening. Fledge was still quite small but had a good set of flight feathers and ascended like a professional. I was glad to see we had some new thrashers around in view of the loss of the nest in the backyard rhodo. Occasional hummers at feeder. Am trying a second feeder out to see if it will be used. It's currently in the front yard but if nobody visits there I'll move it to the trees in back. Squirrel munchkins eating heartily, foraging farther from home. They are a good deal more shy of us now and will keep their distance. They are skillful on most trees (were still having a little trouble with the smooth-barked cherry last week) and can disappear around the other side while climbing as easily as the adults.
A wet front that lingered for a few days cooled things off (and gave everything a much-needed watering.) Nonetheless, hot and muggy are the order of the day.

Knitting: Project glut.
Reading: Checked out Knowing the Enemy: Jihadist Ideology and the War on Terror by Mary Habeck from the new books shelf at the library. Started it twice; keep getting interrupted by knitting glut.
This old house: Kitchen walls and trim finished. D off next week; God willin' and the Creek don't riz, we lay wood flooring in the living room.

A cut-and-paste that thus far seems to have worked. Came across it on Darwin Catholic. The quiz is here.

How gullible are you? What kind of anti-Catholic novel would be most likely to reel you in?

You are most gullible when it comes to NEO-PAGAN NOVELS and books about goddess spirituality. Both argue that everything was so much better when people lived closer to nature, treated male and female as equal, and did not consider the desires of their bodies sinful. Then the Catholic Church came along and ruined absolutely everything. Ha! Even if the Catholic Church had never existed, these books would still get written--except they'd probably blame whites, or capitalism, or another easy target. Yet they still wouldn't be able to explain certain savageries of pre-Christian peoples. Wishful whining does not change either the historical record or the quality of second-rate writing. The authors of these books may love portraying themselves as the underdogs of history, but you don't have to throw money at them for it.
Take this quiz!

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I dunno about this result: I hated The Mists of Avalon and I think while reading it set a record for combinations of the term 'feminazi' with colorful adjectives. And it's not a word I often use. I think my enjoyment of Jane Austen's ridicule of Gothic novels in Northanger Abbey skewed things. (Not to mention that I've never seen any of the sci-fi movies mentioned besides Star Wars.)



Blogger Mollyreinvented said...

If you were closer I would trade you some herbs for some tomatoes. We have plenty of rosemary and lemon balm and mint.

We also have jalapenos peppers and squash.

4:48 PM  
Blogger CMinor said...

Sounds like a good deal...Fortunately the torrent is returning to a trickle now.
Tomorrow's bill of fare: chili!
(With plenty of tomatoes, of course.)

9:49 PM  

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