Monday, January 25, 2010

Two from the Road

When is free speech not acceptable? When it might be unfavorable to the pro-abortion standpoint, and when millions of Americans might hear it. According to David Crary of the Associated Press (by way of the Huffington Post), the Women's Media Center has complained to CBS about an ad set to run during the Super Bowl. The ad, taken out by Focus on the Family, celebrates the life of Heisman Trophy winning Florida Quarterback Tim Tebow. Tim's mother, Pam, fell ill on a mission trip while pregnant with Tim, and was advised to abort him. She did not, and Tim turned out to be a great athlete and a promoter of Christian values.

The group's complaint is that a sporting event is no place for abortion discussion. In this case, however, the discussion is not about abortion, it is about the other choice: life. I say we need more speech like this.

As a bonus, a little Obeatle music via Moonbattery.

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