Wednesday, September 03, 2008

...And Another Thing...

Somewher in the course of the now-missing Kos posts I mentioned yesterday, I noticed the blogger produced "expert" obstetric analysis calling Sarah Palin irresponsible because, in consultation with her doctor (I thought that the decisions of a woman and her doctor were sacrosanct for this crowd) she made an eight-hour flight home with an amniotic leak. ("A woman with ruptured membranes who has given birth four times can be expected to give birth within eight hours," asserted the cited talking head. [Of course, the whole point of flaying Palin over this at the time was the intention of "proving" that her daughter, not she herself, gave birth to her son Trig.]

Well, I'm tellin' ya, when I had my youngest at 32 with three prior births--the latest one just under three--not six--years before, which makes a difference--I had a slow leak that went on for over three hours before going gusher, went to bed in labor, got up the next morning, dropped the kids off with friends, visited the doctor, had an ultrasound, and it still took me two oral Pitocin tablets and a couple of hours of walking for a total labor of over sixteen hours before that baby came. If that was an accelerated labor, I'm glad I missed the long version.

Oh, I mustn't forget, our blogger-turned-obstetrics expert also asserted that "ruptured membranes increase the risk of infection," --yeah, if your medical provider hasn't got the sense to keep his hands out of where they shouldn't be in the first place! Is it any wonder Palin didn't want to take potluck with the resident at an unknown hospital in Texas? Given my labor history, I'd risk an eight-hour flight to give birth where I was comfortable and had trusted help.

One reason I'm sorry the Kos got rid of those posts is that such an impressive amount of research went into "proving" a hypothesis that turned out to be utter schlock. Of course, just abot all the "evidence" the research turned up was circumstantial or highly questionable, not that the blogger let that stand in his way. It could have been a great lesson in how not to write a research paper.


Proposal For Drinking Game:

Tune radio to NPR station. Every time a reference is made to Sarah Palin's pregnant teenage daughter, have a beer. To bring on merciful oblivion faster, also have a beer every time Sarah Palin's special-needs infant is brought up. Have two beers if Palin's ability to meet her family's needs while serving in public office is questioned.

Once you're good and sloshed, Google Barack Obama's remarks during the Illinois Born Alive Infants' Protection Act hearings and see if they make more sense that way.

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