Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Putting the "Cuss" in Media Circus

...Which is about what I've felt like doing this weekend as I've watched the various rumors regarding the Palin family unfold. If I determined to journal everything I thought about the situation I could be at it for hours, so I'll stick to a couple of points. If I have time later, or somebody really riles me, maybe I'll add a few more.

1. This weekend, I noticed that a Daily Kos blogger posted a couple of scathing essays accusing (not merely insinuating) Sarah Palin of having faked her last pregnancy to cover for her teenage daughter. The essays were a piece of work, so after coming across them this weekend, I decided to look them up again this morning and make copies.

Surprise, surprise--they're not there! Comment strings in the thousands, all that work--gone! I wonder why?

2. Have any of the pundits, journalists, and bloggers out there accusing Palin of sacrificing her pregnant teenage daughter to her political career considered the possibility that the girl might very well be able to speak for herself and let her mother know what her feelings are re the nomination? Are they unable to conceive of a family in which major job decisions are discussed? What makes them assume that Palin is dragging the rest of the family along without regard for their preferences?

Isn't it remotely possible that Palin talked the matter over with her daughter and was encouraged to accept? Or is it just easier to assume that all conservative women are heartless harpies who have kids about whom they don't really care?



Blogger mrsdarwin said...

Darwin's opinion is that Sarah Palin's decision to accept the Veep nomination even in light of her family circumstances just proves that both mom and daughter are tough as nails.

6:20 AM  
Blogger CMinor said...

Boy, I sure hope so.--I'd enjoy seeing 'em make mooseburger out of the MSM right now.

Of course, what is being overlooked is that these two "children" having a child together are legal adults or close, and are apparently fully capable of providing for themselves as long as the ammo lasts...

11:15 AM  

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