Tuesday, March 20, 2007

tunes for achtung babies

Recently I passed by the baby department at my local Wal-Mart and noticed a display of music CD's. On closer inspection, they turned out to be a collection of "U-2 Lullabyes." Yes, that would be U-2 as in Bono and the boys. I've read of U-2 masses being popularized among some segments of the Episcopal church, so I guess you could have U-2 lullabyes as well. Probably very popular among those parents of young children who attend U-2 masses.

I turned over the CD. Track number one was (guesses? anyone? anyone?)

...Sunday, Bloody Sunday. I didn't stick around to read whether the recording included lyrics.

Here I wasted my time as a new mom with the likes of Golden Slumbers and Hush, Little Baby. I could have been warbling Sunday, Bloody Sunday to my kiddos.

My elder kids are actually old enough to have caught the tail end of the Raffi phenomenon, so they grew up pretty well versed in Baby Beluga, Tingalayo, and the like. Rosenshontz, who I think are still around but finally grew up and went over to adult music, added a nice light rock touch but stuck to kid themes. Our public library had a decent collection of the records of both, which I copied onto tape cassettes (these were pre-iPod days.) Watered-down adult music wasn't nonexistent at the time, but what little there was wasn't very good. So there weren't any Eagles for Eaglets, LedZep Lullabyes, Black Flag Baby, or Kinks for Kiddies collections in our house, although Dad was known to occasionally entertain the neighborhood kids with his guitar and a little Jim Croce. (Take a deep breath, and two children's aspirin if needed. It was just I Fell in Love With a Roller Derby Queen. Really.)

The kinder of the (post-sellout) U-2 generation are bound to age and start picking their own music, though, and the next crop of young parents will doubtless want to share their faves with their own li'l darlins. So I thought I'd propose some ideas for kiddie albums featuring the music of current bands. Feel free to add your own in the combox, if anything comes to mind:

Panic! At The Daycare
Thirty Seconds To Grandma's
Death Trike for Cutie
Stone Sour Soup
Fall Down Boy
...and how about a Sesame Street retrospective, say...It's Not That Easy Being Green Day?

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