Thursday, March 08, 2007

I give up

All right, I know it's been awhile and I'd committed to a couple more posts on education matters. Unfortunately, it's also Lent, Girl Scout Cookie season (they manage to make those coincide here,) Violin Workshop weekend for Baby, and time to get the garden in. To accomplish the latter will require the moving of considerable soil and creation of a raised bed as over the last couple of years the garden has been gradually shifting against the property fence and may end up, with the chain link, in the neighbors' yard if we don't do something about it now. I'm plotting to put the boys to hard labor this weekend, but am still going to have to manage the operation. (Please visualize a scene from O Brother, Where Art Thou? at this point.) So posting is not going to be happening at least through the weekend. I do intend to get back to the homeschool posts, however, and will shoot for having something up sometime next week.

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Blogger mrsdarwin said...

I love Thin Mints, and they're always being sold during Lent. Fortunately, the local grocery store has an almost-identical knock-off available all year 'round for 99 cents.

I'd like to go to a Violin Workshop myself. Ah, the opportunities available to the youth...

11:30 AM  

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